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How We Tripled Our Traffic

By Kieran
Traffic - Photo by wakajawaka @ flickr

After just a couple short months, I’m thrilled to say we’ve tripled the traffic to our site.  Like any other successful business, we’ve been using various methods and tools to bring in the appropriate visitors.  The data has been gathered and analyzed via Google Analytics, and I have to admit I’m a bit surprised by the results.

Are those t-shirts you bought your employees a good form of advertising?  What about business cards and e-mail signature links?  Is tweeting worth the effort?  Being a relatively new business and having only been blogging for a handful of months, I consider these results to be based on a clean slate, not biased by historical efforts or data.  Let’s take a look!

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Using WooRank to Tidy Up Your Site

By Kristopher

There are several tools on the web to analyze your website, it’s content, ranking, keywords, visibility, etc, but WooRank bundles up all that information into one clean, easy to understand interface to give you the most information on how to improve your web site’s ranking and visibility. WooRank not only tells you what is wrong, but how to change it, why it matters and who it matters to, providing the most comprehensive information to fix your site.

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The Power of Keywords with the Google

By Kristopher

Any SEO scam artist expert will tell you that keywords and their position are extremely important to your search engine rankings. We here at ShuttleBox witnessed the power of keywords this weekend as we noticed that our website ranks 10th in the Google search results when you search for “hello kitty sweat pants.” How did that happen?

I made mention of hello kitty a few times in my last blog entry as an example of an e-commerce product, which catapulted us in the search rankings. Accidentally, of course. Maybe if we’re lucky, one of those teenage girls or mothers of teenage girls searching for hello kitty sweat pants might need some web development done as well.

We’re not holding our breaths.