Our Products

ShuttleBox prides itself on it’s robust products, many of which are subscription based with an open source, self managed option. We believe in providing high powered applications to the web community.


ByZe.us is a web URL shortening and sharing service that provides the ability to take a long URL and make it really short. It also gives the user the ability to quickly and easily share that URL on a number of social networking and microblogging services. It’s jam packed with all the features you would need, such as the ability to monitor traffic and see who is using the shortened URL on their blogs or their twitter feed.

Check it out at http://byze.us.


OpenAvanti is an open-source, object-oriented application framework written for PHP5, with support for PostgreSQL databases. OpenAvanti aims to simplify your application development process by providing you with a skeleton to immediately begin writing code without having to worry about the architectural details.

Learn more at openavanti.com.

What We’re Working On

lifemonit – lifemonit is your best friend when it comes to monitoring and managing your weight and overall health.

Tarmac – Tarmac is a CRM, project management and task management application for software developers that helps manage customers, applications, projects, milestones and tasks in a simple, easy to understand user interface.

Hangar – Hangar is a project hosting website for hosting either open source or closed source projects supporting Subversion. Hangar’s repository viewing and management software is top notch, providing timeline views, revision diff, automatic TODO and FIXME parsing and repository hook management.

BrandPush – is a fully featured, hosted and fully customizable e-commerce solution integrating with PayPal or Google Checkout for payments, and USPS, UPS and FedEx for shipping.