Core Values

ShuttleBox prides itself on holding the following core values:

  • Honesty, Integrity, and Respect

    These values are held very close and dear to ShuttleBox. Primarily being a service-based business, we understand that without these, there is no chance of success. Running a clean business is essential to today’s marketplace, where word travels fast on the Internet. The aim of any business should be to have all these words be positive. You will find no false promises or misleading quotes here!

  • Communication

    As a business, and especially as an individual, one should be able to expect timely and clear communication. ShuttleBox has worked with companies that have taken days, weeks, and yes, even months, to respond to the simplest of questions. We refuse to be one of those companies. All communication will be timely, on-target, and understandable. It is impossible to communicate effectively if one party is missing or ‘speaking a different language.’

  • Detail & Logistic Oriented

    So many software shops promise they can do things without thinking about how they will accomplish them. Not paying attention to details and the logistics of the software often leads to “duct tape” solutions; a fix is put in place to make something work better and then another fix is put in place to make that fix work. This continues on and on until the software is ultimately unmaintainable. Getting it right the first time saves everyone involved time and money and makes for software that can be maintained and added to long into the future.

  • Hands-On

    The best way to “get it right” from the beginning is to take a hands-on approach. ShuttleBox wants to understand what you want and need from your software. Effective software cannot be designed and developed without a good understanding of what goals one is trying to achieve. ShuttleBox believes you will notice a difference in our style right from the beginning of any project during the discovery and requirements gathering phases. Heck, some software developers don’t even bother with discovery or requirements gathering. Who would you trust more developing software you intended to use as an integral part of your business?

  • Teaching

    You likely have never developed software before. ShuttleBox has – lots and lots of software. Yet just because you may have never gone through the process before doesn’t mean you should feel left in the dark. ShuttleBox wants you to be involved in, and understand, the design and development process to ensure you know what you are getting and have just as much faith in the solution as has ShuttleBox. Don’t worry; there will be no tests and you won’t be asked to write any code. You don’t have to understand what is going on, but you are more than welcome to ask questions if you desire. Furthermore, you won’t have a completed site launched without your understanding how to use it. The software can only be as effective as the people using it, so if you have any questions, it is important to us to answer them. In many cases, the design documentation can be used as a guide, and where that wouldn’t prove to be very effective, ShuttleBox will be glad to provide further user documentation or do training sessions with you and your team.

  • Creativity

    Cookie-cutter solutions just don’t work in every instance. ShuttleBox promises to approach each project with an open mind and fresh perspective. At their disposal are years of code and hundreds of third-party solutions, but none of that will be brought into your project unless it makes sense. Sometimes the best solution is to integrate code from another application into a new or already established site; sometimes it isn’t.