Using WooRank to Tidy Up Your Site

By Kristopher


There are several tools on the web to analyze your website, it’s content, ranking, keywords, visibility, etc, but WooRank bundles up all that information into one clean, easy to understand interface to give you the most information on how to improve your web site’s ranking and visibility. WooRank not only tells you what is wrong, but how to change it, why it matters and who it matters to, providing the most comprehensive information to fix your site.

WooRank provides information to improve the readability of your website to search engine spiders, such as the amount of heading tags used, the number of missing alt tags on images, whether or not the page validates with W3C. It alerts you if your titles are too long or duplicated and whether meta description and keywords are missing or too long.

It also provides information about geotagging your page (which is helpful for the Bing search engine) and using microformats to identify your content. Both of these are relatively new topics, but are becoming more recognized and important on the SEO scene. WooRank will also provide information about social networking services linking to your site.

With all this information, WooRank allows you to enhance your web presence and visibility to help meet your SEO goals.

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