The Key To Social Marketing? Being Social!

By Kieran

This may come as a surprise to you, but there are business owners out there who sit back, feet kicked up on their desk, and wait for the phone to ring.  They believe social marketing is nothing more than a fad.  They’ve done their networking, sure, but likely only in person, and well, even that was probably a few years ago.  Having done their time, they now just wait for their three or four connections to call them with news of new work coming down the pipeline.  Why do more work than one needs too, right?  The problem, though, is that the phone doesn’t always ring.  There’s a world of  social marketing opportunity out there, most of it free, so why not take advantage of it?

The trick to social marketing is, *gasp*, being social.  It doesn’t take much effort, either.  Many of the social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, all integrate with one another.  Many of the social sites out there right now link together. Sharing a message on one can often be automatically propagated to others.  Furthermore, you can use a service such as  When you post any updates to, they automagically pass the post along to all your profiles on a plethora of other sites.  Even better, you can update this content not just from a web browser, but also via e-mail or text message.  It doesn’t get much easier!  Imagine being able to shoot out an announcement directed at your target market instantly while waiting on line at the grocery store or writing a quick blog entry while sitting in the drive-through.  Yes, it is that easy.  The web has changed, the folks are friendly, and the water is warm, so jump on in.

Now granted, face to face time – or at least a phone call or e-mail – is what the end goal has always been and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, so don’t give up on your physical networking just yet.  Sometimes the best leads do come from friends, family, and colleagues.  You’ll also meet some great people if you join a local group or two geared to your market or industry.  Just like the on-line social networking sites, these groups are often free and can provide great insight.   The idea of “give a penny, take a penny” is very much alive in both the on-line and physical social networks.  In exchange for sharing your professional thoughts and opinions, you will be rewarded with the insights provided by others.

The best group of people to hook up with, though, are your clients.  Don’t be afraid to ask them questions about what they think of you or your service.  If they love you, you’ll want to know, right?  More importantly, if they don’t, you’ll need to know, so you can fix the problems.  In the end, they’ll appreciate your wanting to know how to improve things for them and you’ll end up with a better relationship having done it.

They key to all this – socializing.  I don’t care if you do it on-line or off, but you need to socialize and communicate.  It won’t take much of your time and you’ll be heavily rewarded, and likely more successful, in the end.  The one place you don’t want to be?  Hiding behind your desk wondering why the phone isn’t ringing like it has in the past.

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One Response to “The Key To Social Marketing? Being Social!”

  1. Kieran says:

    For those interested in further reading on the topic of social marketing, I recently found this article on “Learning to be Social” in a local blog I keep up on called Rapid Growth.

    I found this article particularly interesting because it speaks of those who see on-line social networks as just a fad – and how those folks are quickly becoming the odd-man out.

    While it does refer to local shows and businesses, it is still a good read for anyone anywhere.

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